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Miss Kenya USA is a pageant that offers a platform to women with Kenyan origin an opportunity to tell the untold stories of our cultural heritage and society. This platform seeks to help women find their voice and speak out on various issues that are faced by our society. Platforms include but are not limited to poverty, diseases such as malaria, HIV and AIDS, Domestic Violence, lack of democracy, Equal rights, women rights and the right to education to every child despite gender. these are just some of the platforms that the women who participate in this pageant bring to the table and become the pioneers of the dialogue to bring a change of mindset not only law.

Miss Kenya USA 2018 Flyer

Traditionally the pageant has been held on the East coast in New Jersey. For the first time in ten years, Miss Kenya USA will be held in the Pacific Northwest Seattle WA. This will be at Carco Theater at the Renton Community Center from 6 PM.
This has also been the year where we have had several states represented, the following states will be represented in this years coronation ceremony, Massachusetts, California, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Hampshire and lastly Washington state.
The pageant will start off on July 4th with the arrival of all state representatives to Seattle, July 5th will follow with rehearsals and photo shoot sessions with local designers, on July 6th the final rehearsal as well as what we call the last supper altogether the contestants will get to share their experience with another on what the journey was like for each of them and what lessons they each can draw from the experience.will be held in preparation for the coronation ceremony on July 7th2018.
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