Anne Mbugua


I am Anne Mbugua, a contestant for Miss Kenya USA. I have a huge passion for fashion, love being in front of the camera either on the runway or photoshoots. Along with that I enjoy creative projects like dressing up, body painting and art. I have the passion and patience to cater to people when they’re not capable of doing it themselves. Nurse by profession, my calling is in the medical field. It is my joy to show empathy and care for people in general. At the present time am perusing my masters in nursing. Being born and raised in Kenya, I was blessed to have great mentors who allowed me to see and enjoy the gift of empowering other people. Hence any chance I get, it’s my joy to uplift others and share my wisdom.
     My platform is about children with special needs. Couple years ago, I was fortunate enough to work with special need children and grownups. Through that period of time, I was able to bond with children and families and also was exposed to the stigmatism special need children face. There is a lack of multitude support in my country when it comes to children with special need. Parents and guidance lack the love and emotional support they require and get guilted and judged heavily. There’s also lack of proper funding, poor diagnosis, shaming of the family/children, lack of proper teaching/educating to families to better understand what their loved ones are diagnosed with. A child with special needs was looked at is still is looked as a curse, addressed as a “crazy” person and families are expected to hide these children and not offer them the required treatment. It is very unfortunate because these children grow up to be adults if that, but are denied a chance to be part of the society.
    It is my hope that the government of Kenya will get more involved, support and fund the special need community/families. With support the children will get a chance to live a full life with lots of opportunities. The government/society should give a voice to these children and also allow the children to have their voices heard. These children should be able to attend school and graduate, get jobs and hopefully one day have families of their own. The government should open centers where families can go for support both mentally and physically (respite care). We as a society should show support, love and protect children with special needs. Finally, the government should fund the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals so the children can receive medication for specific diagnosis.
Last but not least and a full time mother to a wonderful Son, who keeps my smile wide and my heart filled with joy.
Miss Kenya U.S.A


January 2019
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