Mary Mwaura



I’m Mary Mwaura ,29 years old daughter of Charles Mwaura and  Nancy Mwaura, relocated to USA 2012  and I am currently  taking some classes for major in nursing  at northern Essex community college  .I am a professional nurse working under home care agency office.I have diploma in hotel management and catering, diploma in theology ,license in practical nursing and a lot of different certificate of participation for most of events and organization  I have attended .

I am passionate in helping people, especially the teenagers who really struggle with a lot of issues like ,depression, body image,self acceptance, parent expectation ,self esteem   and bullying.

Currently I am engaged with the teenagers in my church and community ,when I am around them  they make me remember when I was  growing up, through out my life I was surrounded by loving people who gave me advice, and encouraged me to be a better person no matter what I face in life, who corrected me ,instructed me and also  warned .I would like to bring this encouragement to the teens and young people like me.Listen to them ,support them ,talk to them about it.

Been in America by myself since 2012 without a family member  have taught me a lot of things to be independent and shape my life ,trusting and believing everything will work out  for good. I would like to  reach out and help other young people who are trying to cope with body image , self acceptance ,depression ,self esteem and bullying.

Am so excited to be accepted in the pageant this year ,my platform is to bring depression awareness to the people.Depression  is a common but serious mood disorder.Depression can hit anyone, at any time, regardless of age, gender,race  and personal circumstance. It’s an invisible illness: you can’t tell from the outside who is suffering. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working. If given a chance i will reach out to people who are affected with depression  and start helping them through healing process ,prevention  and to avoid more damage that can be caused by depression such as suicide.

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February 2019
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